What’s your outsourcing fitness?

What’s your outsourcing fitness?

When the health of outsourcing governance is poor, it’s not just the business case that suffers. Outsourcing governance is all about decision making. Specifically, it’s about the roles and processes that determine who makes decisions on different topics at different times. Effective governance keeps the day to day outputs of delivery teams aligned to the desired outsourcing outcomes.
Badly timed or badly executed decisions can cause ripples of disruption for everyone in the chain – business users through to the supplier. Think of lengthy disputes, early terminations and ever increasing demands for more detailed KPIs.

Take the quick 1 minute self assessment survey to get a basic sense of your governance fitness and effectiveness and help identify actions to improve the outcomes you’re getting from your outsourcing deals.

For more information read our post on this topic or contact us to have a talk!

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