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Step into the future with collaborative governance in the cloud
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An affordable subscription-based solution to streamline and empower
outsourcing relationship management
automates and streamlines governance processes

TRAC drives discipline and accountability in outsourcing relationship management. Typically, only 8% of outsourcing governance efforts are spent on decision making, the core value adding component. The remainder is mostly routine and administrative work. TRAC enables the effective management of these critical but routine governance processes in one tool:
– Service and business objective management
– Contract obligation / metric management
– Satisfaction surveys
– Meeting management
– Risk and issue management
– Reporting and dashboards
– And much more.. ..

Workflows and reporting are automated to improve governance performance and information transparency without extra effort. To drive focus on informed decision making and steering, critical activities are automatically interlinked (e.g. meeting decisions and contract changes; risks with obligations).

enables collaboration and communication between supplier and client

With both suppliers and client teams working on a single secure platform, collaboration is improved and communication lead times reduced. With a few clicks or swipes on any mobile device, users have access to all the information necessary to drive performance and steer for value.

keeps information in one place – traceable, auditable and secure

TRAC is a central repository for all contracts and provides a framework for managing the entire contract lifecycle and contract components. Leadmark believes that a contract is not a document but a container of information that includes the actual contract terms, addendums, milestones, risks, activities, minutes, notes, meta data, and much more.
TRAC removes the need for lengthy email threads and hard to maintain spreadsheets. There is no more time wasted debating and chasing different versions of the truth on performance, agreements, interpretations, etc… All necessary governance information is in one place with all changes auditable, the history fully traceable and securely hosted to mitigate risks inherent in information distribution via email and clunky attachments.

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more effective than spreadsheets and email

Productivity and effectiveness of governance teams are improved virtually overnight. Typical efficiency gains within governance teams are 20-30%. These gains come from significant reductions in effort associated with collecting and reporting performance data, distributing information and managing queries and questions associated with governance information. Additionally, the insight gained with all information in one place allows governance teams to focus efforts on the issues that really drive business value.

simple, affordable, fast and light-footed

Unlike costly configurations of enterprise software or service management software developed for other purposes, TRAC is available pre-configured for sourcing governance. Our 30 day quick-start implementation methodology provides a fast return on investment and the confidence to know that you will never miss an important milestone or risk non-compliance with contract terms or regulatory requirements again. TRAC can be tailored as required and our subscription based fees allow rapid up/down scaling based on business needs. Data is easily extracted at any time as well, so there that lock in isn’t a concern.

professional and secure

TRAC is offered via secure user based access, with tailorable security features depending on the requirements of your organization. With ISO/IEC 27001 compliant hosting in the Netherlands there are no worries in trusting your information with us.


TRAC is fully web based and as user friendly as any of the websites you use on a daily basis.
It’s accessible from any location, using laptops, tablets or smart phones.

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Discover how TRAC can improve your sourcing efforts!

TRAC gives you a quick and easy way to boost your sourcing governance capabilities to enhance collaboration, improve relationships and optimize the value from your sourcing initiatives.

TRAC comes preconfigured and gives you a quick and easy way to boost your sourcing governance capabilities to enhance collaboration, improve compliance, strengthen relationships and optimize the value from your sourcing initiatives. Unlike most of our competitors we help to make the decision easy with a quick and tangible ROI based on affordable, fixed and transparent pricing – with no surprises.

Contact us for a personal demo and find out how TRAC can transform the way you manage your service provider contracts and relationships or you may want to first run the ROI calculator to find out how quickly the payback adds up

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