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Managed Governance Service

Managed Governance Services (MGS) takes the burden of non-core governance functions off your plate and enables you to focus on more critical activities and strategic decision-making, versus time-consuming data crunching. MGS offers many advantages in terms of knowledge, agility, automation and the potential to realize significant cost savings.
We take full responsibility for the bulk of the day-to-day routine, analytical and advisory work. This allows you to retain overall accountability for your sourcing contracts and focus on key functions such as business alignment, decision-making, approval authority, and relationship management. MGS provides all the necessary inputs and support that drive effective governance. We leverage a strong combination of experienced people, effective processes and our collaborative TRAC platform to support the key governance areas.
MGS includes monitoring, analytics, reporting and advice for each of the key governance functions, including:
– Performance Management
– Cost Management & Invoice validation
– Contract Management
– Risk & Issue Management
– Meeting Management
– Dispute Management
We take on administrative, analytical and advisory tasks, freeing your organisation to focus on decisions and looking forward to develop the sourcing relationship. Managed governance service provides clarity and control without the expense and hassle of shaping, implementing and managing the day to day processes and supporting systems, necessary for effective decision making and relationship management.
MGS offers you the following benefits:
– Quick start up of a professional contract governance function
– Full control over the work, priorities and output of suppliers
– Cost effective extension governance capabilities
– Flexibility to change focus with changing priorities and circumstances
– Scalability to wax and wane with changing governance needs
– Focus on high value activities while maintaining governance discipline.

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