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Simplifying sourcing governance
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Round table Meeting: Simplifying Sourcing Governance!

On November 1st 2018 we’re organizing a round table meeting in Amsterdam to discuss:
“Approaches for simple and effective sourcing governance: Facilitating changing business needs and multi-sourcing while reducing overheads and improving control”


With growing business demand, fast changing delivery models and increasing regulatory requirements the work of those involved in managing service providers hasn’t become easier over the last couple of years. Many organisations recognize these challenges and are looking for solutions as they understand that inadequate governance is one of the most frequently cited reasons for failed third-party relationships; companies experience value leakage from 17% to 40% of the annual contract value over the life of the contract.
With our experience over the last 15 years in this field, we have helped many companies – both supplier and client organisations – embed and operate governance practices that improve their sourcing related returns and relationships. We believe that the quality of knowledge and the network you share it with, is the basis for success. From this perspective we like to actively share our expertize and exchange knowledge with other professionals from both the client and supplier side, to engage and sharpen our focus.


Topics for the Round table

In this round table, we take a look at the challenges experienced both by client organizations, as well as suppliers, in managing multiple sourcing arrangements within the context of delivering client/business value. The objectives of the round table are to share real life scenarios and situations that shed light on the root causes of governance complexity, how to overcome these and what practical tips and tricks can immediately be put into practice to simplify and improve effectiveness and efficiency of souring governance efforts.
The session will focus on a few particular areas, with plenty of opportunity for participants to raise their own topics in this space.
On the agenda are:

  • How to standardize governance activities across a portfolio of diverse service agreements and sourcing models.
  • How to prevent each new agreement becoming a cottage industry of governance activity, while still maintaining sufficient control.
  • How can soft controls help simplify governance activities.
  • What pragmatic solutions can be adopted to improve information and stop the ‘noise’ of managing multiple parties and services.

Interested in joining? Just drop us a short email at:

Venue and time

The meeting will be held on November 1st in “De Veranda” from 17:00 until 19:00. De Veranda is located at the Amstelveenseweg 764 in Amsterdam near the Bosbaan. Parking is free on the right hand side of the restaurant or alternatively you can park at the Bosbaan from which it’s a one minute walk to De Veranda. At the Bosbaan parking is free for the first three hours. Travel directions to De Veranda can be found on the venue’s website:
Note: You may have noticed that we had to change the venue since our first announcement. This because of agenda issues.

Additional information

The round table is organized and facilitated by Leadmark. The main language of the meeting is English. To enable an engaging and interactive session participation will be limited to a total of 8 to 10 people. Attending the meeting is by invitation only and there are no charges.
Are you interested in participating in this session, but would you like more information first? Then send an email to