Glossary of terms

This glossary is intended to assist you in getting a general understanding of commonly used terms and concepts when dealing with outsourcing and outsourcing governance. We welcome your contribution to further improve and expand the glossary.

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H1-B visa
A federal visa program that allows American companies and universities to employ foreign scientists, engineers, programmers, and other professionals in the US

Horizontal BPO
Horizontal BPO refers to BPO offerings that are reasonably similar across industries. Horizontal BPO offerings include Customer Interaction and Support, Finance & accounting, Human Resources Management, Procurement services, and Knowledge services

Hosted Environment
A facility in which a third-party holds the data and runs the programs in its own computers

Providing, running and maintaining a computer system

HR Functional Services
HR functional services is the single-process HR market. It includes the transfer of single-process or individual HR processes or functions (e.g., benefits, compensation) to a service provider

HR Information Systems (HRIS)
HR information systems (HRIS) are systems that enable a company to track employees and employee-related information (e.g., name, contact information, department, salary, etc.). HRIS include reporting capabilities and some systems are interfaced to payroll or other financial systems. The overall systems are sometimes called HR Management System (HRMS)

HR Information Technology (HRIT)
HR information technology (HRIT) refers to the technology backbone of HR processes

Hub and spoke model
An organization's practice of having offshore operations of its own, as well as three or four partners with whom it collaborates. This mitigates the risk of having all services provided by a single service provider

Human capital assets
The availability and capabilities of the people required to deliver a given service

Human Resource (HR)
Human resource and personnel function of a company – involving performance management, recruitment, training and development, compensation and benefits, etc.

Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO)
Transfer of ownership of some or all of human resources processes or functions to a service provider. This could include administrative, delivery, or management-related processes or functions