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Leadmark is boutique services firm specializing in targeted run stage solutions that address the governance challenges of sourced services and supplier relationships. It was founded in 2013 by John Smit and Julia Start. Having spent years managing complex sourcing portfolios and seeing many organizations struggling to stay in control of their sourced services, they wanted to bring a new way of doing things to the market, one that emphasized efficiency, accountability and outcomes in the ongoing management of sourced services.

We are driven by the belief that simplifying sourcing contracts and governance processes, underpinned by innovative cloud-based technology will enable new – more productive – ways of cooperation between clients and their services providers that yield better outcomes.

Steering for value, controlling risks and leveraging effective tooling (not spreadsheets and email) are the cornerstones on which successful sourced services are based. With these in mind, Leadmark provides practical and effective solutions that improve the sourcing results of companies both big and small.


Our mission is, “to help our clients make critical decisions informed and with confidence, to realize more value from their sourced services and supplier relationships.”

We focus on the operational stage of sourcing and provide targeted governance services, underpinned by an affordable collaborative cloud platform, allowing clients to effectively manage their sourcing portfolio and improve realized value by up to 30%.

We provide best practice methodologies and a convenient subscription-based governance platform in the cloud to streamline and empower governance efforts. Understanding business needs, open communication, transparency in creating and realizing expectations, and exceptional service are highly valued by our clients.

The team

Leadmark was founded by Julia Start and John Smit based on their conviction to improve the management of sourced services and make it more rewarding for both client and supplier organizations.

John has over 25 years management experience in the financial industry with extensive experience in building and managing sourcing relationships and delivering business value. Prior to Leadmark John was a member of the management team at ING Group responsible for large international outsourcing arrangements.

For over 15 years, Julia has worked in the delivery and management of sourced services. Julia has held various sourcing management roles within both client and supplier organizations in both the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Her expertise stretches across the sourcing lifecycle.

Our Leadmark team is strengthened with:
> Maurice Gelden   : Principle Software Developer
> Jaap Blom            : Senior advisor and ICT Management Consultant
> Eileen Waldron    : Senior advisor and ICT Management Consultant
> Linda Geevers      : Sourcing Consultant

We also operate in a network of professionals and companies with extensive experience in outsourcing and/or Information Technology at (international) firms like banks, insurance companies, multi-nationals or government organizations. This allows us to always shape the best team at the best price to address customer needs in today’s dynamic business environment.


Our company name Leadmark was chosen with our mission and values in mind. The word “leadmark” has its roots in the navy, where it’s a term used for a navigational point of reference to lead a ship in making a safe passage. This is also what we wish for our clients, a carefree journey through the challenges they face when dealing with service provider relationships.

As a boutique firm we believe that delivering a great customer experience is the cornerstone of our success.
We pride ourselves on delivering this experience through our innovative methodology and an affordable, ready to implement cloud based contract and supplier management system. We are committed to affordable, fixed and transparent pricing and we strive every day to ensure our clients feel the commitment and capability we invest to make them successful.