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There is a great deal of unlocked value from sourcing. By making sourcing contracts and governance  simpler, more transparent and more responsive, Leadmark helps you realize up to 30% more value from your sourcing agreements. 

Leadmark services significantly reduce the costs of managing suppliers and contracts while increasing the value realised from sourced services agreements. Our services are based on methods that come from more than 25 years experience in shaping and managing sourced services. This enables us to drive improvements and make a difference quickly – no reinventing the wheel or lengthy projects to shape an approach.

We can help you shape and align contracts and contract porfolios to service strategies, ensure contracts are manageable against business objectives and set up effective and ‘right-sized’ sourcing governance processes and organisations.

Our services range from one-off advisory and project services, to a full managed service. Our focus is always to maximize value for our clients.

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Technology is an essential element of collaboration and plays a key role in improving outsourcing governance. TRAC is our cloud based software solution tailored to support and enhance the management of sourced services portfolios.

TRAC allows outsourcing governance processes to be managed collaboratively between clients and suppliers in one single tool. Whether it’s forecasting future cost commitments or understanding how contract compliance is influencing customer satisfaction, clarity and control are at your fingertips with TRAC.

Traditional contract management software acts only as a document repository and focusses on preventing unwanted contract extensions or omissions. These tools fail to bridge the gap between contracts and service value. In a world where sourcing is crucial, where service requirements and offerings are dynamic, where the ability to effectively manage not just the contract but also the governance organisation is critical, a new software solution is needed. TRAC is that solution, innovative and powerful, going beyond cost avoidance to value realisation.

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The value of social collaboration tools

McKinsey study identifies the power of new generation social collaboration tools

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Partnership with IT-Suppliers.com

Leadmark and IT-Suppliers.com have entered into a partnership to expand service offerings 

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Resolve outsourcing disputes before they happen

7 steps to reduce the impact of disagreement - and potential litigation - on your business

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